Virtual Poetry Gifts

Personalized Typewriter Poems

For decades, Ryan Ashley has touched the hearts of all who have received his poems as he performed his on-the-fly, on demand typewriter poetry sessions for enchanted audiences in communities and events around the world.  Now, Ryan is using Virtual Poetry Gifts to create these personalized poems for you no matter where you may be.  Working from his home, he will still take all of his inspiration from you, but now with his undivided attention, he will be able to truly create the most perfect poem for you or your loved one.  The subject matter is endless-- a special memory, a quality of your friend or lover, an inside joke, a wish or hope, a vow or promise-- lighthearted or deep, frivolous or sacred, Ryan will bring your intention to life.  From birthdays to anniversaries to simply sharing thoughts or feelings any day of the week, these poems make heartfelt and unique gifts. Even businesses can partake in the fun, with poems for employees or clients written on letterhead offering a more personal touch that is always appreciated when gifting.  Let Ryan's gifts of perception and empathy lift your intentions to create poetry that feels like it came from your own heart.


Commission A Poem

Please read the following carefully:

Tell me about your request! For love poems and gift requests, please share any & all details about yourself, the recipient, your relationship, how you met, your favorite memory, the specifics of the occasion, or anything else. The more thoroughly you describe your vision, the better I can service your needs.

  • -Each personalized poem costs $30.

  • Once a form is submitted a follow-up email reply will ask for payment.

  • ​Once payment is received the poem will be created and sent within 48 hours

  • If you would like to preview the poem before it is shipped that is fine.

  • ​One revision is allowed

  • For an additional $10 I will send a video of me reading the poem to you

  •  Payments can be made using Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App

  • If you have any questions please email me at

Thanks for submitting!


About The Poet

Ryan Ashley

Poetry is my gift and I have danced with words for as long as I can remember. At a young age, I was struck by the word plays of Shel Silverstein, soon to move to the likes of Mary Oliver, E.E. Cummings, and of course the Beatniks. While just a hobby and something I would do for crushes when I was a teenager it would soon turn to so much more. 
Tragically when I was fourteen years old I lost my dearest mother in a violent act. That traumatic experience is something no one should experience and while some wounds may never heal, magic has come from it and that is this gift I want to share with you. When all hope was lost it was poetry written on a typewriter for people that finally helped me heal and gave me purpose. Through many tears shed at the sincerity and heartfelt connection to my words I learned quickly that this was something beautiful and special I had been blessed with. My vocabulary is strong, but what makes me especially good at what I do is the authentically empathetic nature I hold that allows me to connect with anyone on a deep level. At the end of the day, all  I want to do is connect and create something beautiful and meaningful for you to hold forever.


Other Poetry Services

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Virtual Corporate Gifting and Entertainment

Do you or your clients need something perfectly personalized and special for your meetings, events, or simply as a gift? Allow me to create bulk poems on stationery branded with your logo. We can even go as far as to have virtual sessions where I create poems live through a Zoom type platform. The possibilities broad, but the result will always be powerful and a great way to raise your brand identity and score you points with your clients and staff.

Event Entertainment

Currently on hold due to Covid-19

My original poetry project. The one that started it all. 
Hire me to come to any event worldwide for any occasion and construct on-demand poems on my typewriter for guests about anything they want. I can write 15-30 poems an hour and all of them will be different and all of them will be loved. A tried and true form of entertainment that will have guests thinking you are the coolest host in all the land.

Message(Poem) In a Bottle

Add a little flair to go along with your personalized poem. A perfect little bottle that will hold your precious poem adding another level of charm and romanticism to your gift.


Personal Poem With Custom Shadow Box

Take your personal poem gift to the next level and get it in a custom themed shadow box! The perfect combination for any occasion!



Stay in touch and let me know if you have any questions at all!


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